Computer input Devices | All Competitive Exams Important Notes

Computer input Devices | All Competitive Exams Important Notes

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Computer Input Devices for All Competitive Exams Important Notes

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computer input devices

The input devices allow you to enter data into the computer. The | primary devices used are the keyboard and mouse.


The mouse is a device that allows you to control the movement of cursor on the screen. The operator places the palm of the hand over the mouse and moves it across a mouse pad Movement of the mouse determines the location of the cursor on the computer screen.

When the operator clicks the mouse the pointer becomes an insertion point,

which indicates the area you are working on the screen.

You can also click the mouse and activate icons or drag to move objects and select text.

Keyboard :

The keyboard looks like a typewriter. Numeric keys are located in the right portion of the keyboard. Alphabetic keys are located in the left portion of the keyboard. Function keys are located on the top of Alphabetic keys. Special keys are located on the right hand side of Alphabetic keys.

Light Pen:

A Light Pen  is a pointing device shaped like a pen. The tip of the light pen contains a light- sensitive element which,

when placed against the screen, detects the light from the screen enabling the computer to identify the location of the pen on the screen. Light pens have the advantage of ‘drawing’ directly onto the screen.

when you watch Cricket Match on TV some times a A Light Pen is a circle appears on the different positions of the players.

This is done using light pen.

Joystick :

An input device which consists of a stick that comes up from a platform which can be hand-held or mounted onto a surface.

Joystick is generally for video games or graphic applications for giving directional information and comes with  buttons for action input.


Scanner is an input device that reads a printed page and converts it into  a graphics image for the computer. It is used to digitize the printed matter.

Computer Input Devices

Microphone :

converts sound into electrical signals for the Mike is an input device that purpose of transmitting or recording (as in radio, TV or tape recording or Computer).


the process of recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. This involves photo scanning of the text In OCR processing. The scanned-in OCR stands for Optical Character Reader. OCR is image is analyzed for light and dark areas in order.

This identifies each alphabetic letter or numeric digit.


stands for Optical Magnetic Reader. It is a special scanning device that can read carefully placed pencil marks on specially designed documents.

OMR is frequently used in application forms, questionnaires, and answer- OMR : sheets.

Web Camera:

A web camera (or webcam) is a camera whose images can be accessed using the World Wide Web.,

instant messaging, or a PC video calling application. Generally, a digital camera delivers images to a web server,

either continuously or at regular intervals.

computer input devices

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