Online Grievance Redressal System

Online Grievance Redressal System

Online Grievance Redressal System





Online  Grievance  Redressed system  is a management and control related process. This project is created to bring transparency and flexibility in the administration system. This system is an online platform where people can  communicate with each other. This system acts as an online interface for citizens to communicate with administrative body. This system also allows the citizens to share their ideas, invoke discussion, issue complaints and create suggestion/petitions for the improvement of the city administration. This application is an automated process. This application is user-friendly and  online interface for the citizens.



Existing System:

            The existing system is a conventional system which makes use of huge amounts of paper for recording transactions. Difficulty in tracking and retrieving data from the abundant papers is quite difficult. Need for computerization. Duplication of information. Paper work is drastically increased. Retrieval and access of data is difficult.


Proposed System:

            The proposed system is fully online data entry with online validations on field and referential checking, the goal of the system is to bring down the workload with the increased efficiency and to speed up the activities. The major activities of it is to receive various types of grievances from citizens, facilitate for speedy processing of grievances received, updating the status of grievances as and when required, informing the citizen about the action taken by the MC and generation repor


DFD (Context level Diagram):


Context Level DFD


 Online Grievance Redressal System

Level 1 DFD for Admin

 Online Grievance Redressal System



Level 1 DFD for Admin

 Online Grievance Redressal System


Administration Module:

             This module creates and monitors accounts of authorities. Filters the content reported and handles threats. Handles complaints about improper response by municipal authorities.

Citizen Module:

            User should be able to create new account, log in to their existing  accounts which will give them the authority to use the services provided by the system. Authenticated users should be able to issue complaints check complaint status, submit feedback browser through other complaints and their feedback. Authenticated users should be able to create suggestion/petitions, other users can support or make suggestions for petitions forward petitions to corresponding authority for possible implementation.

Officer Module:

            Officer authorities can log-in to their accounts as created by administrator. Authorities can access all the complaints, suggestion form user. Invoke proper activity in Response to valid complaints, or redirect inappropriate complaints to the administrator. Give response to complaints with activity reports.

NGOs Module:

            NGO can form user groups similar to other users. NGO’s can publicize their Social causes on the site.


Software Requirements:

                Language                               :           Java

            Web technologies                    :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

            Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap

            Database                                   :           MYSQL

            Scripting                                   :           JavaScript

            Browser                                     :           IE 6.0/ Mozilla

        Operating System                       :           Windows/Linux


Hardware Requirements:

                Processor                                 :           Pentium-IV

            RAM                                              :           1GB

            Hard disk                                      :           20GB

            Monitor                                         :           15” Color monitor

            Mouse                                            :           Optical mouse

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