PPT Presentation on colors

PPT Presentation on colors



  • Introduction
  • Color Wheel
  • Types of color
  • Color schemes
  • Emotional and psychological effects of color


PPT Presentation on colors


  • Color is the element of art that is produced when light striking an object, is reflected back to eye.
  • Babies get attracted to colors only even when they have no concept of shapes,

PPT Presentation on colors

Color wheel

  • Color wheel is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle .
  • It shows the relationship between primary color, secondary color, and tertiary colors.

PPT Presentation on colors

Stages of color wheel

  1. Primary colors

-Primary color are basic colors.

-They are – Red , Yellow, Blue

2. Secondary colors

-A secondary colors is color made by mixing of two primary colors in equal proportion

3. Tertiary colors

-Tertiary colors are intermediate colors made out of secondary and  primary colors.

-Brown and gray are sometimes known as tertiary color

-RGB and RYB

PPT Presentation on colors

Types of colors

a.Warm colors:

– These are the colors of sun, fire, and fall of leaves

– Red, yellow, orange and its variation of these 3 colors

  1. b. Cool colors:

– There is one of the colors of nature, sky, sea etc…,

– Blue, green, purple  and there variation

c.Neutral colors:

– Black, gray and white are the neutral colors.

– Brown is also sometimes referred as neutral colors

PPT Presentation on colors

Color Scheme

It helps in assembling a set of colors, that match on contrast well with each other.

1.Monochromatic Color Scheme:

It is a color scheme based on only one single color tint.

The resulting is smooth, elegant,  comfortable for eyes.


  1. Complementary Color Scheme:

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Complementary colors are really bad for text


3.Triad Color Scheme:

A  triadic color schemes uses , colors that are evenly    spaced around the color wheel.

i.Red, blue, yellow

ii.Green, purple, orange

PPT Presentation on colors

Emotional effects and Psychological effects of color

Colors have different psychological effects positive as well as negative.

  1. Yellow is warm and friendly.
  1. Blue is cool, very well explained in the headline.
  1. Red is bold, warm, energetic and  powerful.

PPT Presentation on colors

  1. Violet is true and spiritual
  1. Pink is feminine and graceful.
  1. Green is color of nature, calm and fresh.
  1. Orange is fun and frolic and stimulating.

PPT Presentation on colors

  1. Grey is adorned with brown, very earthy effect and making a serious composition.
  2. Black background behind pink serves as very strong glamorous elegant base.


PPT Presentation on colors

PPT Presentation on colors

PPT Presentation on colors


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