Latest Trends In The Filed Of Electronics / Computers

Latest Trends In The Filed Of Electronics

/ Computers 


It is 2018, and everyone is waiting to know top IT trends. Information Technology is the fastest growing sector of the market, and with the evolution of new technologies to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively.  Here is the list of top 10 IT trends in 2018 that will help your future proof your business needs.

1) Big Data

Big Data has been teasing its number 1 entry for recent years. Big Data has been associated with data management technologies in 2017 but has established a new associate in the form of digital marketing. Multinational companies and digital marketing enterprises will require this technology to analyze and process piles of data. The data analytics sector will help businesses to analyze data and engage more customers. Big Data will keep associating itself with upcoming technologies.

2) Cloud Computing

Business organization stores terabytes of data every day, which must be arranged, sorted and restored. A conventional computer cannot store large volumes of data which increases pressure to move towards Cloud. The Cloud will increase the productivity of an organization by saving time and money. Cloud is cheap, reliable for secure backup, and eases resource management. Cloud and its automation will collaborate with new upcoming technologies bringing profits to the organization.

3) The Internet of Things

The internet of things has turned the dream of smart homes, devices, cars, and workplaces into a reality. It can forge compelling solutions for real-time problems by focusing on hardware-centric software, and firmware. IOT will merge with edge computing and enable a better range of IOT applications. Edge computing will improve IOT based application ability to detect obstacles, face identification, and security.

4) Enterprise Software

Enterprises have always looked upon the software, which can aid them in saving resources and time. Enterprise software will evolve Business Intelligence to type SQL queries using voice recognition. Microsoft’s Power BI Software provides a facility to ask questions in both voiced and typed format. It will encourage advanced ERP systems and marketing automation to reshape many IT processes which will be easing employees’ work and improving the consumer experience.



Competition provides the opportunity to bring players together and create a vibrant community around your game. It’s a quality and native way to engage fans, leading to a higher chance of retaining and re-engaging them.

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The OLED stand for organic light emitting diode, which look like same as light emitting diode. The OLED is a latest technology in electronics which is used in many electronic devices such as TV screens, computer monitors and portable system such as mobile phones. The OLEDs consumes low power and combination of great colors. The OLEDs gets first place in Seminar topics for electronics and communication.

OLED Technology

A Bluetooth technology is a high speed, low powered wireless technology is used to transmit and receive the data serially. The Bluetooth transceivers are consisted many devices such as mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. The Bluetooth technology is one of the best seminar topics for electronics and communication students. In the embedded system many of electronic project applications, controlling by the Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth technology gets second place in Seminar topics for electronics and communication.

Research on light-matter interaction could improve electronic and optoelectronic devices

optoelectronic devices

Assistant Professor Sufei Shi of Rensselaer believes his research into how light interacts with atomically thin semiconductors could improve electronic and optoelectronic devices, such as solar energy harvesting, new types of lasers, and quantum sensing.

This reaction creates unique excitonic complex particles, multiple electrons, and holes strongly bound together. These particles possess a new quantum degree of freedom, called “valley spin.” The “valley spin” is similar to the spin of electrons, which has been extensively used in information storage such as hard drives and is also a promising candidate for quantum computing.

Assist Prof. Shi’s research focuses on low dimensional quantum materials and their quantum effects, with a particular interest in materials with strong light-matter interactions. These materials include graphene, transitional metal dichacogenides (TMDs), such as tungsten diselenide (WSe2), and topological insulators.

TMDs represent a new class of atomically thin semiconductors with superior optical and optoelectronic properties. Optical excitation on the 2D single-layer TMDs will generate a strongly bound electron-hole pair called an exciton, instead of freely moving electrons and holes as in traditional bulk semiconductors. This is due to the giant binding energy in monolayer TMDs, which is orders of magnitude larger than that of conventional semiconductors. As a result, the exciton can survive at room temperature and can thus be used for application of excitonic devices.

As the density of the exciton increases, more electrons and holes pair together, forming four-particle and even five-particle excitonic complexes. An understanding of the many-particle excitonic complexes not only gives rise to a fundamental understanding of the light-matter interaction in 2D, it also leads to novel applications, since the many-particle excitonic complexes maintain the “valley spin” properties better than the exciton.





Surveillance Camera Control System : Download

This is the latest technology to provide the security in places like roads, shops and colleges to capture visuals for monitoring purpose. In case of robbery, the recorded video or visuals may provide some clues pertaining to the heist. Basically, these surveillance cameras are fixed devices, and therefore, 360 degree coverage is not possible with such systems. However, 270 degree coverage is possible with these cameras. This is a best technical seminar topic for ece students.

Security gaps in the 5G mobile communication standard uncovered

5G mobile communication
5G mobile communication

The fifth and newest mobile communication generation(5G) is looking to offers users more security than before.

In order to guarantee security, key factors must be considered: the device and network must be able to authenticate each other, and the confidentiality of the data exchange and the privacy of the user concerning identity and location must be guaranteed.

This has been implemented through a protocol known as Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) since the introduction of the 3G standard. The organisation 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is responsible for the specifications of this protocol, and for the specifications of the newest standard 5G AKA.

With the aid of the security protocol verification tool Tamarin, an ETH research team systematically examined the 5G AKA protocol, taking the specified security aims into account.

According to ETH, Tamarin was developed and improved during the last eight years in this research group and is one of the most effective tools for analysing cryptographic protocols. The tool automatically identifies the minimum-security assumptions required in order to achieve the security objectives set by 3GPP. “It showed that the standard is insufficient to achieve all the critical security aims of the 5G AKA protocol,” says senior scientist and co-author Ralf Sasse. “It is therefore possible for a poor implementation of the current standard to result in users being charged for the mobile phone usage of a third party.”As the team determined, data protection will be improved significantly with the new protocol in comparison with 3G and 4G technologies. In addition, 3GPP succeeded in closing a gap with the new standard that had previously been exploited by IMSI catchers. With these devices, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) of a mobile phone card can be read to determine the location of a mobile device.

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