In Plant Training Reports For Diploma Students Project Works

In Plant Training Reports For Diploma Students Project Works




1.       CHAPTER-1


1(a) profile

1(b) over view of SMSSS

1(c) organization structure

1(d) Education and Development

1(e) chaithanya geethe

2.       CHAPTER-2


Capacity Building


2(b) Goals

2(c)awareness and other program

2(d) Government benefits through federation

2(e) Fund utilized for various activities

2(f) Training information

2(g) Integrated child developed program

2(h) Parish

2(i) Application to join ICDP

2(j) Procedure to join ICDP

2(k) Beneficiaries if ICDP program

3.      CHAPTER-3


PO/Skills attained by training.

4.      CHAPTER-4


Conclusion by the student.


Many think that in-plant training is a mispronunciation of the word ‘in-plant there deep meaning hidden in it best 5 days in-plant training Chennai at washing info tech hello, plant by term means for short period time an industry to gain knowledge work culture will provide industrial exposure students as well develop.

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit voluntary citizen group which is organized on a local national or international level. Task oriented and driven by people with a common interest NGO’s perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions, bring concerns to governments advocate and monitor policies and encourages political participation through provision of information some are organized around specific issues. Such as human rights environments or health. They provide analysis and expertise, serve as early warning mechanism and help monitor and implement international agreements. Their relationship with offices and agencies of the united national system differs depending on their goals, their venue and the mandate of a particular institution.




The Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society.  SMSSS

1). The Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS) is the development arm of the diocese of Shivamogga Karanataka  India which comprisess of three civil district namely, Shivamogga Davanagere and Chitradurga.


2). SMSSS is a Secular voluntory non profitable organisation registered under karnataka societies Registration Act 1960. Foreign contributuon (Regulation) Act 1976 and Income Tax Department Under Sec 12A.


3). SMSSS is committeed to influence positive change in the lives of the people of the Ditoceseever Since it came into existence in 1989.


4) It aters to the needs of the poor and marginalised of the Diocese irrespective of caste gender and races through developmental intervention is more than 627 villages of 187 Grama Panchayath of the district.



SMSSS implements  the development programs under 6 departments.


* Women Empowerment.

* Education and Development.

* Natural Resource Management.

* Good Governace.

* Health and Development.

* Capacity Building.


Education and Development :-


SMSSS has following differnt programmes to handhold the different children.

*Integrated child development program(ICDP).

*Unnati -Scholarship for higher education.

* Karanata open school (KOS).

* National Institute of open school (NIOS).

* Disha carer  advancement program.

* Skill develpoment program for youth.

* Formal education through school and colleges




The Shivamoga multipurpose social service society is commonly known as SMSSS was founded in 1989 as a social service organ of the Dioceses of shivmoga that comprises 3 district of karnataka state, namely Shivmogga, Davangere, Chithradurga with the vision of establishing a community with Justice peace and love.  SMSSS is a secular valantory non-profitable organization registered under the karnataka societies registration act for thee pact 25 years.  SMSSS has been able the reach out to the small land marginalized farmers, people affected from HIV/AIDS, marginalized women, children and their parents the unemployed youth and the unorganized laborious in the 627 villages from the 187 grama panchayath of these 3 district irrespective of cast.

The SSS has been committed to bring about positive change in the most marginalized section of society by working in the following program sectors.


SMSSS greatly and proudly puts on scored the immense support by various donors.  The president past and present board members social workers volunteers and the committed staff in its joyful service to the poorest of the poor of the Diocese.  SMSSS renown its commitment towards fulfilling its goal of empowering the most marginalized section of the society.







communities particularly children will have improve their levels of education and development in keeping with their potention andd will bee able to use it for the social and econimic development of their communities.




  • Integrated child development programmes.
  • Child rights.
  • Scholarship for high education.
  • Karnataka open school.
  • National institute of open school.
  • Disha – career advancement program.
  • Education to the marginalized through schools, hostels, doardings.




staffs are the members has there shares in stri bhandhu multipurpose social services society.  Staffs memberss gather a number of SHG’s and make it as one called federation (vokkuta).  They select two members from one SHG to a federration.




staff meeting is held every first two days of the month.  In case of holidays the meeting

will be postponed to the next day of the month.



The establishment of a society based on peace love and justice.



in restore thee dignity of the poor and marginalized through the process of empowerment.




2(a) Introduction


            Upgrading the capacity of the satff and To equip the organisation to be capable of understanding every change, problems,handling the issues and achieving objectives and goals, is a felt need today with this view organization hass taken up evry possible step to build the capacity to bring result in the programs as well as within the organization.  It reinforces the knowledge, abilities and skillsof the organization to bring about the changes.



2(b) Goal:-

Various shareholders will have been capacitated to refelt, make decisions and implement the learning and decisions for improved results in thier areas of work.


Organziation is always aware of the need of capcity building of its staff and beneficiaries by organzing various trainings, exposure programmes and outreach programs.


Capacity building training for the pri members,community people, sangha and federations conducted at smsss



SI.No Date Subject No of Participants Resource Person
1 20-4-2014 Lending System in Federation 20 Yesudas
2 20-4-2014 Lending System in Federation 30 Yesudas
3 26-4-2014 Lending System in Federation 28 Yesudas
4 26-4-2014 Lending System in Federation 38 Yesudas
5 8-5-2014 Lending System in Federation 30 Yesudas
6 19-5-2014 Lending System in Federation 18 Yesudas
7 20-5-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
8 23&24-5-2014 DEEP Training 28 Celestine
9 26-5-2014 EDP training 35 Madhukeshwar, Bhat, Pankaj,Shastri,Coica alva
10 Lending System in Federation 38 Fr. veeresh
11 Lending System in Federation 18 Yesudas
12 20-6-2014 Lending System in Federation 21 Yesudas
13 11-7-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
14 12-7-2014 Lending System in Federation 22 Yesudas
15 15-7-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
16 17-7-2014 Lending System in Federation 20 Yesudas
17 26-7-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
18 28-7-2014 Financial Management Training 60
19 14-8-2014 Health and hygiene 80 Mrs.Asha
20 17-8-2014 Sistsinable Agriculture 56
21 18-8-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
22 19-8-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
23 20-8-2014 Lending System in Federation 18 Yesudas
24 21-9-2014 Lending System in Federation 27 Yesudas
25 22-9-2014 Annual General Body Meeting of Sahakari 150 Fr. Veersh
26 24-9-2014 Lending system in federation 12 Fr.Veeresh
27 26-9-2014 Lending System in Federation 14 Yesudas
28 28-10-2014 Lending System in Federation 16 Yesudas
29 5-11-2014 Importance of Education 80 Fr. Veersh
30 11-11-2014 Lending System in Federation 18 Yesudas


2(c) Awareness and Other Programms.


Program No of  Program No of Participate
Role of Animal Hausbandary in Integrated farming Program 1 144
HIV awareness Program was oragnised 3 425
Awareness Program on Violence against Women and Girl Child. 2 291
Prathiba Karanji for School Children 1 400
Awareness Program on Government Schemea &Facilities. 3 630


* To complete the program sucessfully, 32 oraganisation, 29 MLA’s ex-ministers, 65 docotors, 5 bank officers, 72 Govt Officers and 177 volunter, approximately, 520 people have contributed a great support.


*Federations could mobilize local donations ro the extent of Rs. 5,89,832 and spent Rs.5,60,519 towards various programs.


*Government and private hospitals have helped us in implementation of a program we planned.


2(d) Govt benefits through Federations:

There are 52 Federations in the project area.  Wee are have say that other than regular savings and loan in fe they have deterrmination of getting the maximun  be facilities from Government  like Yashaswini, manipal health card, Sandya Suraksha, Sanitation, Sukanya and pension and insurance schemes.  Some of the achivements are given below


Govt Schemes introduced for Federation Members No of Benificiaries
Yashaswini 73
Manipal Health Card 26
Sandya Suraksha 210
Constrction Labour Card 570
Scholarship 172
Self Empolyment 398
Sanitation 32


Summary of the Health Programs


Health Camps No of Programs No of Participants No of beneficiaries
Eye  Check up Camp 15 5931 3660
Free General Health Check up 6 1868 1387
Free Dental Camp 1 625 390
Blood Donation Camp 3 1285 72
Bones and Joints Check up camp 1 315 11
Total 26 10024 5520



2(e) Fund Utilized for Various Activities:

* Housing- 30

*Cloth business -50

* Tailoring -45

* Coconut Business- 20

*Cow rearing – 50

* Carpentary -20

* Mason _ 12

* Agriculture 40

* Beauty Parlor 2

* Petty shop – 10

* Catering 4

* Painting 4

* Education- 25

* Electrical -12

* Fruit business – 6

* Bag buisness 2

* Goat/ Sheep rearing – 10

* Pappad making 12



January 2nd the meeting was held at a Auditorium.  In this meeting all the activities which laree activated in the previous month.  And cash book must be submitted tto the heads.  In frant of all the staffs.





Training was organised for SMSSS staff on 5th January 2018 at  center of the organisation regarding commitment towards vision and mission of the organisation an result based management.


Fr. Richard director of SMSSS delivered key note in adaptationn of various approaches of NGO’s down the years to fulfill the needs of thee beneficiaries.


In the first session charted accountant Mr. Ravindhranath deals with the importance of the  commitment towards achivving the vision and mission of the organisttion he streessed upon the positive thinking honesty discipline commitment involvement a punctuality in our work leeds to excellence and bring glary to the organisation.


K.H. Jagadessh resource person of second section discuss about the importance of result based management.  Every activity that we plan kfor the beneficiary should bring poositive result and ccreat an impact in their lives only then our intervention be succefull.


Stree Bandu Vividoddesha Souharda Sahakari Cooperative:


  1. Sahakari entered into Second year its operation.


  1. Its is Primary membership doubled comparing to that of previous year.


  1. Its working capital 230% increased to that of previous year.


  1. This year Sahakari invitted different kind of deposits from its members.


  1. The net profit of the Sahakari almost 3 times to the previous year



Particulars As on 31/03/2014 As on 31/03/2015
Total Members 3556 6262
Working Capital 6921500 15851569
Funds 342833
Share Capital 6918000 12008000
Deposits 3500 3500736
Loan Distribution 60000 17500000
Loan Outsatnding 60000 10919069
Net Profit 507972 1431442


  1. During Sahakari supported 9 meritorious students by giving scholarships.


  1. Sahakari recongized and encouraged 3 federations as best federations.


  1. In 42 federations women have started getting financial help from the Sahakari.


  1. About Rs. 1,75,00,000/- is given to 1503 women from 42 federations.


  1. In 37 federations, members together have taken loan amount more than thier share amonut in the



  1. In 24 federations, they have taken loan 200% to 650% than thier share amount.


  1. Federatonswise details are given in the Annexure -3





         (In the christian church)  a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor “A parish church”.

Synonyms: parishioners church-goers, church, congregation. Flock community “A vicar must do nothing that would scandalize the parish.


2(H) Integrated  Child Development Programme (ICDP):-


The Director of SMSSS and all the staffs of Integrted Child Development Programme (ICDP) are proud to present this annual report for the year 2015-16 as we step into 19th year of our dedicated service in the Diocese of Shimoga with the missionto idetify the needy children for thierr education as well as overall  and help them to build a secure future for themselves by securing adequate qualifications so for 2880 children from our diocese have been helped by this programme and a total of 1152 children and thier presents are continuing to receive the benefits from this scholrship programme [829 from caritas prague, 321 from caritas Slovakia and 2 from Vidya Deepa]


ICDPs commitment is to work for the benefits of children youth and family worldwide working towards a more peaceful and violence free society we aim to implement recent knowledge from scientific research in child development for the benefits of vulnerable and neglected children.


ICDPs method into provide for human care by activating empathy and building competence in care givers the focus is on quality relationships that enhance psychosocial development.


Our work is based on principals that are in live with the UN convention on the rights of the child ICDP participates directly and indirectly in activities run by other humanitarian organizations that have corresponding objectives. The ICDP is another expersion of the same humanitarian spirit a sit is encoded in the convention of children rights.


ICDP’s methods can be put in practice in any community to create positive condition for the fulfillment rights of children the right to be protected from violence and to receive the loving care and guidance from the immediate environment which is required to ensure healthy human development introducing children’s right is likely to have a major impact on families if effort are above made to activate awareness and deeper bonding to children as persons.



* loss of document

* irregular attendance to the ICDP company.

* irregular attendence to the ICDP department.

* missing of letters

* change of address of child.

* writing letters by child below the age of 5 years.

Parish wise count of ICDP Beneficiries

SI.No Parish Name Caritas Prague Caritas Slovskia Vidya Deepa Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
1 Anandapuram 05 07 01 05 00 00 18
2 Ayanur 08 13 00 00 00 00 21
3 Bhadravthi- New Town 16 18 07 06 00 00 47
4 Bhadravthi – Old Town 12 10 07 07 00 00 36
5 Bhadravthi- Paper Town 09 17 01 06 00 00 33
6 Cathedral 35 43 23 31 00 00 132
7 Challakere 04 04 00 00 00 00 08
8 Chennageri 02 03 00 00 00 00 05
9 Chitraduraga 12 21 03 05 00 00 41
10 Davangere 33 27 02 00 00 00 62




Application is filled by Child’s parents with the complite information about the standard of living of child and its parents.



Selection is made by the foreign sponers who donate money for the welfare of child.


After Selection:



4 letters is written by child.


1st letter:- Thank’s letter for selecting and donating money for the development that child.


2nd and 3rd letter:- Updating there result of development to foreign sponsers.


And the last letter:

Is for thanking for all the help done by them for there education and welfare.  This letter is written after the complition of the child’s education and after geting a job.  The child should “Thank you, Anti / Uncle for your help and support, I complited my eduction and got job.  Now I dont need your, help.” Thank you again.


Between the period After Selection to the period sending last letter.

The foreign donar sponsers money for all functions festivals, New year etc, for all this the child should thank from there letter.

SMSSS acts as a mediotor between the foreign sponers and child.

Society makes camps every year and teach them all good they need.



Sucessful Children


            62 children have completed thier studies sucessfully.  The course wise children success is as follows.


SI. No Studies/ Training course Male Female Total
1 Gnm 6 6
2 Bsc. Nursing 3 3
3 D.Ed / B.Ed. 8 8
4 Degree Course 1 19 20
5 Vocational couses/ITI 7 18 25
Total 8 54 62





Ongoing Children


We have a total of 1241 childdren, who are studying at different levels.

The class wise summary of the children is given below.


SI. No Class/ Grade Boys Girls Total
1 1st to 7thstandard 128 136 264
2 8 to 10th 152 154 306
3 PUC 68 118 186
4 Vocational Training Courses 113 38 151
5 University Degree Courses 112 185 297
6 GNM Course 1 18 19
7 Bsc.Nursing 1 1
8 Ded/BEd 2 6 8


2(l) Beneficiary’s of ICDP program


Sujeetha susanna D’souza is halling from a very poor family of Thirthahalli Taluk.  She successfully             completed her S.S.L.C and P.U.C with very good marks thanks to the sponsors who supported her.

                    Her only aim in life was to become a school teacher by pursuing                          Diploma education course.  But she could not not even dream about it as the fees              very high and her family couldn’t afford it.  She approached

SMSSS for the support. SMSSS granted her the scholarship            through its ‘UNNATI-scholarship for high education’ program.  This enabled her   to complete the D.Ed training sucessfully in February 2009.  now she is        employed in a school  near her home town.  She and her parents are ever     gratefull to UNNATI program of SMSSS.




                        John poul is thee only son among the three children of his parents.  His father is an ordinary day wage laborer, working as bar bender.  It was really very difficult for the parents to support the education of three children.

ICDP identified this needy child in 1997 when he was             attending 5th grade at school and caritas prague accepted hi for        sponsorship in April 97.  the support and encouragement he received         from his sponser parents, he completed pre-university course and     then             chose to learn the vocation for lab technician.

As he was found very talented in learning, the traning          school personnel recommended him to study for GNM course.  So,    John     paul joined th nursing traning and completted the same in    February 2009.  at preent hee iis employed as a staff nurse at              Fr. Muller’s college hospital, Mangalore





we consider this as an  opportunity to Express our sincer gratitude to all those who helped and supported us in bringing up Dissertation.


we would also like to Express our Deep sense of gratitude to GOD almighty, for showering the blessing upon us in this venture and our Inplant Training to success.


we sincerely Express our gratitude to our Principal Miss. SUMA for her support and extramely thankful to our Head of the department Mr. Krishnamurthy and also our lecturers Deepak Dongre, Dakshayani, Rudresh, Sarala, Ashwini and Vedavathi for their encouragement help and valuable support.


we express our heartful thanks to manager of Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society   Mr. Devdhan, Rev. Fr. Richard pals, HOD of the ICDP Anni  and other empolyees for their valuable guidance and encouragement troughout our work. We would like to Express our sincere thanks to this Co-Operative Soceity for thier contribution

Work experience


we are the students of government residential womens polytechnic in the branch of commercial pracitse.  We are under the subject called inplant training.  Mr. Devdhan sir permitted all of us to get training at chaitanya multipurpose social service society, and we had been there for 6 days training.


It was really a new experience for us to work us there.  We have learnt many new things about Fedaraation, Child welfare, and Scheme called ICDP. We learnt he procedures of ICDP and about the  sponsers who re in foreign place.  Letters written by a child to there sponsers.  We learn the filling part of all documents of the child and documents of a departments by all this training we got information about SHG,Fedarations and getting a good job to this child.



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