Budget Buddy Corruption control through budget Maintenance

Budget Buddy: Corruption control through budget Maintenance



Maintain the flow of money released by government, and intern control corruption. To inform the people about how and who has utilized the money and for what purpose.

Existing System:


As we government is preparing budget for every year, but the normal people don’t know how that allotted money is using in a proper utilization. Departments of governments are not keeping updated information about how that allotted money is rotating from higher authorities to lower authorities. While flowing that money top to bottom some people are being bribes. But normal citizen does not know what happened.

Proposed System:


This proposed system helps to control the corruption by keeping updated information about utilization of money of budget. In this proposed system different departments of government from higher to lower level employees can maintain, that how information is flowing and utilizing to spend that to do actions for the people. District employees and budget officers have mutual data sharing about flow and utilization of budget money which includes the reports to be available for public or citizen. So that citizens of state can monitor what happen about budget money, and then through this way we can control the corruption.

Proposed System

Functional Requirements:

Budget Officer:

  1. Budget officer of the state has to enter the budget details, which state government planned for a year.
  2. He has control over all the money transactions of the departments.
  3. Gets authentication from respective department   officers   and DC’s.
  4. He also takes care about illegal activities.
  5. Gets final result about all the activities of one year.


  1. This contains departments such as agriculture, health, education, social welfare etc.
  2. Each department has department officer.
  3. Department officer has to register with his id and password to the higher authority.
  4. After receiving the money he has to guarantee his reception using his secret password.
  5. He has to distribute money among different districts.
  6. He will be acknowledging by DC’s if the money reaches the money properly.

District Commissioner:

  1. DC has to register with his id and password to the higher authority.
  2. After receiving the money he has to guarantee his acceptance of money using his secret password.
  3. He has to get the details of the officers/contractor’s to whom he next send the money.
  4. DC has to enter the money details that he distributed to the others (pertaining to talluk officers or contractors).


  1. Contractors or same level workers has to register with their names and password to DC
  2. He has to give guarantee about money that he received and enter the amount money that he received.
  3. He has to give the details about how the construction and other schemes are going
  4. He has to update the photos, the number of workers under that work.


  1. They can get a complete information about budget of the year.
  2. They can know what are all the development works have been undertaken.

Nonfunctional Requirements:


  1. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). SSL can be used.
  2. 24 X 7 availability
  • Better component design to get better performance at peak time



  1. Citizen one who wish to control corruption.
  2. One who maintains the state budget?
  3. Controller of departments ( like health department and agricultural department of state).

D.District commissioner.


  1. Authentication Module
  2. Budget Preparation Module
  3. Department Registration Module
  4. Money Flow Monitoring module
  5. Scheme Module
  6. Report Module
  7. Admin Module

  1. Authentication

Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it declares itself to be. Authentication technology provides access control for systems by checking to see if a user’s credentials match the credentials in a database of authorized users or in a data authentication server.

Users are usually identified with a user ID, and authentication is accomplished when the user provides a credential, for example a password, that matches with that user ID.

  1. Budget Preparation module

            In this module we create definition screen to define budget related information made for a financial year for different departments. This module also takes initial entries such as currency, state and locality details.

  1. Department registration

In this module definitions for departments are created with department description and key persons for the departments. These departments will be listed down in the budget preparation screen for creating budget according to departments.

  1. Money flow module

In this module flow of money across budget officer, DC and contractors are monitors based on transaction and department details. A workflow will be created and based on the approval process money releasing will be done.

  1. Admin Module

Admin of the application has a super control over the application by having permissions to create/modify users, budget, department info and workflows.

  1. Reports

Following reports must be  generated in the system.

  • Budget detail of a whole year.
  • Registration confirmation of officers, DC’s and contractors.
  • Money that received and distributed
  • Display all information about money released or received
  • The present works that is being undertaken in the state by the government.



  • net
  • Zoom charts
  • AJAX,
  • Web-APIs
  • Web Technologies (HTML, Java Script, CSS )


  • Visusal Studio
  • MS Sql server
  • Windows will be the preferred OS.

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